Passenger & Material Hoist

Tower Crane

Concrete Pump

Electric motor and diesel engine S-tube valve and gate valve concrete pump series;
Truck mounted line concrete pump series;
Concrete placing boom series;
Special-used structure series for truck-mounted concrete boom;
Tower Crane and Construction Hoist.

Concrete Placing Boom

About Us

Sun Jupiter Co.,Ltd. Office located in Bangkok ,is the Leading supplier with the most specialist in Rack & Pinion driven equipment for vertical transportation in Thailand for over 15 years. All our products are copyright with the trademark “ CREDO ” which means credibility. In the past we used the company's name “15 Construction Supply Co.,Ltd.” As it the same company with Sun Jupiter Co.,Ltd. But enhancing more quality and reliability. We are providing and marking passenger and material hoists for the construction industry including renting service as well as any other services with hoists product such as installation, demolition and height extension. Our equipments are also available through any interested subsidiaries or distributors to serve worldwide interest. Our philosophy is to provide the best quality, standardized products as well as custom-build specialist equipment based on the Rack & Pinion technology. Whenever possible, products are based on a modular concept so that fully tried and tested standard components can be used to suit the widest range of individual applications.

Now the market sharing of “ CREDO ” in Thailand is over 90%. Most of the customers use our product under our best after-sales services.

And for your Product, we are grateful to present our latest and best model of “ CREDO ”, Model SC200/200TD, 3 motor top drive, Tie- in II,more product specifications are as per our best offer. This is new model of safety device and load cell adding for security which is up to our utmost confidence to serve your product effectively and efficiently with promising after-sales services to support your timely working schedule. SUN JUPITER CO.,LTD. Is a special supplier of building hoist our. Registered trademark includes CREDO, ZENIT, GJJ, CJJ.

Our products SC type building hoist have been widely used all over the world and have won good reputation, whose payload capacity is as much as 10000 kg, lifting speed can reach up to 96m/min, and the erection height up to 450m.

Besides the general building hoist, our company has also have specialized hoists for construction of special buildings. The specialized building hoist includes curve, slope, twin mast and large tonnage building hoist and small size industrial building hoist and so on. All the above products have been used in general and special projects in the world. And we also have construction platform and other lifting equipment.

Our product have been widely used for transportation for both men and cargo in field of general buildings, But also industry, electric power, mining, well, oil chemical industry etc.

Our quality management system has passed the certification of ISO 9001:2000, ϲϵ with give the Guarantee of quality of products.

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